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CONFIRE SHOWTIME is a digital signage software for creating, editing, managing, publishing and presenting digital content.

CONFIRE SHOWTIME consists of two parts: a Designer and a Player. With CONFIRE SHOWTIME DESIGNER you create your content and publish the result in the local network or on the internet. CONFIRE SHOWTIME PLAYER is installed on the computer of the public display. It will then download and play your content automatically on the screen.

All digital content is created based on the same web technologies you see everyday on the internet i.e. HTML, CSS and JavaScript. For this we've developed a JavaScript library called showtime.js which serves as a framework for creating and playing your content. For presenting the contact on your screen we use a customized version of Chromium, an Open Source project from Google which also serves as a basis for the well-known Chrome web browser.

So what kind of content can you create? Pretty much anything your heart desires. You can either insert content using the pre-installed elements (i.e. shapes, text, photo, video, slideshow, PDF), apps (i.e. RSS news, DAVINCI timetables and substitution plans), or you can develop your own apps based on HTML and embed those into CONFIRE SHOWTIME.

Areas of application

With CONFIRE SHOWTIME you can create content for:

  • Public Displays in schools, universities, training centres
  • Public Displays in public administrations
  • Public Displays in train stations, airports, hotels
  • Public Displays in retail
  • Public Displays in hospitals and doctor's surgeries
  • Public Displays in companies


  • Simple, decentralized concept designed for both online and offline scenarios.

  • Displaying content regardless of Windows operating system used, via a specially customized version of the Google technology Chromium Embedded for CONFIRE SHOWTIME.

  • All content is based on internet standards like HTML5, CSS3 or JavaScript.

  • Perfect integration of timetable and substitution plan data via DAVINCI WEBBOX.

  • Any number of complex content can be created by using Live websites and apps.

  • The content belongs to you. You just specifiy where to save it.

  • And of course: CONFIRE SHOWTIME is easy to install and use.