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Managing Layouts

With Layouts you determine the design of a Showcases at the next stage. Layouts contain layout elements such as pictures, text, SVG, panels, multimedia, websites or apps. You can freely position these elements via Drag & Drop and customize them further in a Properties Editor.

Layouts are organized hierarchically. The starting point is always a special layout known as the Master Layout where the target screen resolution is set (e.g. 1920 x 1080 Pixels for Full-HD).

To begin working with Layouts select Layouts from the left navigation bar of the Designer.

Layouts View in the Designer

Create Layouts

To create a new Master Layout:

  1. Click on LAYOUTS > Master. A dialog window opens.

  2. Enter a meaningful name for your new Master Layout and confirm by clicking OK.

Once you created at least one Master Layout you can add additional Layouts underneath:

  1. Highlight an existing Master Layout.

  2. Click on LAYOUTS > Layout. A dialog window opens.

  3. Enter a name for your new layout and confirm by clicking OK.

Edit Layouts

You can customize all properties of a Layout on the right side in the Properties Editor. If you want to delete a Layout, highlight it, click on LAYOUTS > Remove and confirm by clicking Yes.

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