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Managing Schedules

Schedules allow you to switch between various Showcases automatically. Optionally the system can be shutdown completely at a given time. A schedule contains a list of tasks which are launched by a specific event (such as starting the Player or by a given point in time).

To use schedules click on Schedules in the left Navigation Panel of the Designer.

Die Zeitpläne-Ansicht im Designer

Create Schedule

How to create a new schedule:

  1. Click on SCHEDULES > Schedule. A dialog window opens.

  2. Enter a name for your new folder and confirm by clicking OK.

Edit Schedules

A schedule's only attribute is its name. To change it select SCHEDULES > Rename. If you want to delete a schedule just highlight it and click on SCHEDULES > Remove and confirm with Yes.


Deleting a schedule will result in the deletion of all schedules and tasks contained underneath.

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