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The Task "Shutdown System"

The Task "Shutdown System" allows you to shutdown the computer that is running a project on the CONFIRE SHOWTIME PLAYER at a given time. Optionally you can set what is known as Wake On Standby in which you instruct the computer to start up again out of Standby at a given time.

Create a Task

How to create a task "Shutdown System"

  1. In the left navigation select Schedules and highlight the desired schedule which you would like to add this task to.

  2. Click on Add > Task > Shutdown System. A dialog window opens.

    Add task "Shutdown System"

  3. Enter a meaningful name for your new task and confirm by clicking OK. The task will then appear in the list of tasks.

  4. On the right side configure the desired parameters in the Properties Editor.

    Properties of task "Shutdown System"

    • Under Activation you can activate the task for future launches. By default, new tasks are deactivated.

    • Under Trigger define the point in time when this task should be launched. See more on this topic in chapter Trigger tasks.

    • In the group Start Parameters you define exactly what should happen when the system is shutdown.

Start Parameters

You can shutdown the computer in the following ways:

  • You can completely shutdown the computer, put it on Standby mode, or put it in Hibernation mode. Set the desired mode under Action.

  • Under Wake Up you can specify whether the computer should start up again using Wake On Standby. If you select Yes you must specify the valid days under Wake Up Every and the desired time under Wake Up At.