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The Task "Start Showcase"

The task "Start Showcase" allows you to start a Showcase at a given point in time with the option to repeat itself and if desired execute a proceeding task.

Create a Task

How to create a task "Start Showcase"

  1. In the left navigation Schedules highlight the desired schedule which you would like to add this task to.

  2. Click on Add > Task > Start Showcase. A dialog window opens.

    Add task "Start Schedule"

  3. Enter a meaningful name for your new task and confirm by clicking OK. The task will then appear in the list of tasks.

  4. Configure the desired parameters in the Properties Editor on the right panel.

    Properties of task "Start Schedule"

    • Under Activation you can activate the task for future launches. By default, new tasks are deactivated.
  5. Under Trigger you can define the point in time when this task shall be launched. For more information see chapter Trigger Tasks.

    • In the group Start Parameter you define exactly what should happen when starting the Showcase.

Start Parameters

You have the following options to start a Showcase:

  • You must select the Showcase under Showcase which you would like to start.

  • Under Repeat specify whether the Showcase

    1. should be triggered just once (Option: None)
    2. should be triggered infinitely (Option: Unlimited)
    3. should be triggered for a limited duration (Options: Limited Duration and Limited Duration (Fixed time))
    4. should limit the quantity of repeats (Options: Limited Quantity)
  • The following input masks depend on the selected mode of repeatitions and allow its configuration.

  • Under Next Task you define what task should be launched upon editing the Showcase.