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Showcases define the timing of layouts. In other words: A Showcase presents a sequence of layouts for a specified screen resolution. You define the screen resolution in the Master Layout.

Create a Showcase

How to create a new Showcase:

  1. Click on SHOWCASES > Showcase. A dialog window opens.

    Add a showcase

  2. Enter a name for your new Showcase and select a Master Layout.

  3. Click OK to confirm.

Properties of a Showcase

All properties of a Showcase can be customized on the right side in the Properties Editor:

Property Description
Master Layout Refers to a Master Layout
Interactivity Allow user interactivity
Audio Text Editor
Volume Volume of video audio
Mute Mute video sound
Continuous Loop Play content continuously in a loop
Scene Transition Transition style when switching to next scene
Audio Transition Transition style when switching to next audio