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Subscribe to Projects

Subscribing to a project allows the Player to react automatically whenever the project changes. When the project is updated it's then downloaded and the Player switches to that newer version.

Detailed information on publishing projects is available in chapter Publishing Projects.

To subscribe to a project:

  1. Click on PROJECTS > Published Project. A wizard will open.

    Abonnieren eines publizierten Projektes

  2. Select a publication location. You can choose between Folder, FTP or WebDAV server, Cloud Storage Server and External Drive and click Continue.

  3. Depending on your selection in the previous step you then need to specify the project archive you wish to subscribe to. Then click Add.

    Ein Projektarchiv im lokalen Netzwerk abonnieren

The project is then downloaded, extracted and ready to be played. By default the Player will check for a newer version of the project before it is played. If this is the case, the current project will be replaced by the new project. You can customize this behaviour:

  1. Highlight the subsribed project and click PROJECTS > Properties. A dialog window will open.

    Eigenschaften eines abonnierten Projekts

  2. Configure when the Player should check for project updates:

    • The option When the project starts is selected by default.

    • The option While the project is running instructs the player to check for project updates at a given interval while the project is running.