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Publishing Projects

CONFIRE SHOWTIME projects created and edited with the Designer must be published so that all relevant Players can subscribe to and play this project.

To publication Target where CONFIRE SHOWTIME can store a project archive for you. The following publication targets are supported:

  • a shared folder on the local network
  • a folder on an FTP server
  • a foler on a WebDAV server
  • a DropBox folder
  • a Google Drive folder
  • a Microsoft OneDrive folder

You are not obliged to publish on the local network or internet. If you want to you can save your project in the Designer as a project archive which can be manually copied to the Player Computer and embedded.

If this is the only way because you don't have access a network CONFIRE SHOWTIME supports you with extended Publication Technology. You can publish your project on a USB pen drive. The Player can subscribe to such a pen drive. That means, you can do the following: Every time you plug the pen drive in the Player-Computer CONFIRE SHOWTIME will automatically recognize that a new version of the project is available, copies is locally and updates to the newer display of the project. If the new project file is successfully copied CONFIRE SHOWTIME will signal the pen drive to disconnect and you can then unplug it again. You don't require a keyboard or a mouse.