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Layouts are the most complex aspect of a CONFIRE SHOWTIME Project. With a layout you determine which layouts via their corresponding scenes will be displayed in a Showcase.

Layouts are defined hierarchically. At the top of the hierarchy are what's known as Master Layouts which differ from regular layouts in two ways:

  • They have no parent layout

  • They define the target resolution for themselves and their sublayouts.

The set of layouts forms a tree-like hierarchy:

Master Layout
-- Layout 1
   -- Layout 1.1   
   -- Layout 1.2
-- Layout 2
   -- Layout 2.1   
   -- Layout 2.2
-- Layout 3
   -- Layout 3.1   
   -- Layout 3.2

On each layout (even on a Master MasterLayout) layout elements can be placed freely. The following layout elements are available:

  • Picture Element
  • Text Element
  • Multimedia Element
  • SVG Element
  • Website Element
  • Panel Element
  • App Element

The following aspects of the layout are described in further more detail: